What are groups?
The Burton Joyce and District u3a brings together people who want to pursue interests in an informal and friendly way in one of the many Interest Groups.

In view of the changing Government Covid 19 guidelines please contact the Group Coordinator if you need the very latest information.

We currently have 70+ Interest Groups covering 45 different activities ranging from Aerobics to Wine Tasting. A full list of the Groups is shown at the bottom of this page together with details of when they meet. Some groups are marked potential New Group. These groups will be launched once there are sufficient members to make them viable.

Please note that, because of Covid 19, not all of our Groups have restarted yet. Please contact the Group Coordinator for more information and to check.

Several of our Groups organise Outings and there is a separate page for this activity. Click on the page in the list below to find out more about each group.

Each group meets, on average, once or twice a month, often in fellow members’ homes. They all have a Group Coordinator and information on each Group’s meeting dates, times and contact details can be found by clicking on the Group at the base of this page. Group size can vary from a handful to over 50 members. Sometimes several Groups cover one activity eg Canasta

What do Group Coordinators do ?

All groups have a Group Coordinator and they act as a point of contact, taking responsibility for organising meetings, welcoming new members. Please contact them if you want further information.

How can I join a Group ?

We know it can be a bit daunting but please look to join at least one of our Interest Groups at the outset. You can always give them a try by asking for a taster session and then opt out if it’s not for you. If you are interested in joining a Group/ you must contact the individual Group Coordinator in advance. NB Some Groups may currently be full.

1 Phone/e mail the Group Coordinator, whose details can be found by clicking on the relevant group below.

2 Contact the Groups Facilitator, whose contact information is given on the Contact tab in the main header.

If you are not sure then contact any member of the Committee by either email or phone.

The phone details and an email form are shown under the CONTACT header.

Group List