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This Group does not hold meetings

If you would like to meet, keep in touch with, or enjoy spontaneous activities with other members of the Information Exchange group: share information, skills, know-how, and items with them; or simply ask for help and advice, from them, then you may be interested in joining the Information Exchange group.

The Information Exchange now has some 70 members, just sign up to start receiving or sending posts across the Group by e-mail.

Postings can be of your choosing: “Does anyone have a garden ladder I could borrow?”, “Does anyone want to go to the Nottingham Beer Festival?”, “Does anyone want a ticket to a concert at the Theatre Royal as I am unable to make it?”, “Can anyone tell me how to fix…?”, “We are organizing a trip to……….. if you are interested in joining us.”.

The Information Exchange really works as some recent posts show:

  • A plea from the Burton Joyce Players saw a soda siphon and a surf board provided for forthcoming productions
  • A request to borrow a specialized Allen key (for a car air filter) brought 6 responses within an hour
  • A computer savvy member providing and installing a piece of software for another member’s new laptop
  • A well attended trip to a concert at Lowdham Village Hall
  • Several recommendations for a tried and tested landscape gardener, plasterer and accountant from members seeking advice.

We could give you many more examples but once signed-up you can see them for yourself.

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