Group Co-ordinator Alan Comerie 07581 456253
Venue St Helens Church Hall
Meeting dates Usually 4th Thursday but may vary
Meeting time 7:00pm
Additional charges Typically £10 per person for the wines and room hire

Each monthly Wine Tasting is arranged around a theme, such as a wine growing region or country, particular grape varieties or wine types. Sometimes we also base the tastings on pairing wines with foods.

The wine group works on a collaborative basis in that there is no one person responsible for arranging the events. Usually a couple or sometimes two couples will take responsibility for a monthly meeting. It is up to them to decide the theme of the meeting and to ensure that everything is in place to make the event a success.

Before each meeting the meeting hosts will prepare and circulate information about the theme. Sometimes the meeting hosts buy all the wines and at other times the group members will be asked to buy the wines, as suggested by the meeting hosts.

It should be stressed that, although we take the appreciation of the wines presented seriously, this group has evolved into more of a social gathering of people who enjoy drinking different wines in a convivial atmosphere.

There is only meeting per month and apart from any outdoor events held each year, the numbers who can attend any specific event is limited to the size of the venue and will be decided on a first come first served basis.

If you are a group member you will be expected to organise an event at some point, but this may be only once a year or longer.


Our members each have their own set of three wine tasting glasses. This allows them to compare up to three wines side by side, much better than trying to compare them one after another as you would if you only had a single glass. A variety of tasting glasses is available on Amazon.

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