Newsline is our quarterly illustrated newsletter. It is usually published on the 1st of the month, and is available to all members free of charge.You can read the latest edition of Newsline here, just click on the link to the right.

Newsline is published online, the latest edition of Newsline will always be available to read from this page.

So even if members are away from home, or unable to access their e-mail account, they can still keep in touch with events in our u3a through Newsline by visiting this page.


The content of Newsline varies from month to month as circumstances dictate, but it has the following regular features:

  • A message from our Chairman on issues and developments concerning our u3a
  • A report on our most recent monthly meeting, and a short introduction to the speaker at our next meeting;
  • Articles and notices from the Committee to keep all members up to date about developments in the wider u3a movement.
  • News about our u3a’s activities as contributed by our Groups and members;
  • Members’ Corner, where we publish articles of general interest which have been submitted by members.
  • Diary Dates and External Events, listing local events and activities that may be of interest to our members
  • A list of all our interest Groups, and the days on which they meet.


To simplify distribution of Newsline to our members, we notify members via e-mail when each new edition is published, including a link to this page.

They can then read it from here, and if they want, save a copy to their computer to read later offline or print on their own printer at home.

There is also a printed copy available to in Burton Joyce library.

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    If you do not have a computer, or a printer, or have problems reading a computer screen, you can collect your printed copy from our Monthly Meeting. As we will no longer be posting copies due to escalating costs you may receive a copy if a member volunteers to deliver it to you.

    There is also a copy available to read in the Burton Joyce library.