We do not have a Group with the sole purpose of organising excursions to places of interest both locally and further afield. But that doesn’t mean that we never leave the Burton Joyce area.

Instead, from time to time individual members take it upon themselves to organise one-off trips and visits which are open to all members of our u3a

Also some of our Groups arrange visits either as part of their normal activities, such as our Antiques and Collectibles Groups who go to various Antiques Fairs, or arrange visits to locations of interest to their Group, such as our Gardening Groups who occasionally visit particular gardens. Whilst these are normally restricted to members of the organising Group, sometimes the Group does open up participation in the visits to non-Group members.

Our travel arrangements depend on the distance from Burton Joyce and number of people participating in the event. So private cars, the community minibus or a hired coach can be used in any combination as required.

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