Group Co-ordinator Sally Wightman 07760 866 178
Venue Southwell Croquet Club Lawns,Cooks Lane,Morton-cum-Fiskerton NG25 0UT
Meeting dates 1st and 3rd Mondays in the month in season
Meeting time 1:30-4:00pm
Additional charges £5.00 per meeting

Croquet is a game played by two teams outdoors on grass, using six iron hoops and four wooden balls, two balls per team, and a wooden centre peg. The balls are struck with a long handled mallet so that they roll through the hoop. A team can comprise one or two people.

The classical or traditional version of the game is called Association Croquet, where the the winner is the first person or team to complete the course by running (going) through all the hoops in turn and then hitting the centre peg. A game of Association Croquet can take a couple of hours.

There is another, different, version of the game, called Golf Croquet, where individual hoops are “won” by being the first person or team to pass a ball through that hoop, and the winning side is the team that wins the majority of the hoops. A Golf Croquet game takes significantly less time than an Association one, and hence it is the Golf version of the game that we play. It also allows us to exchange playing partners and change lawns between games so that each meeting every member gets to play with or against most of the other players.

We have come to an arrangement with our hosts, Southwell Croquet Club, (“SCC”), where, provided one of our members present at each meeting is also a member of SCC, we can use their lawns and equipment on payment of their normal visitors’ green fees.

No special clothing is required, but we do ask members to wear footwear without heels, such as trainers or tennis shoes, to avoid making indentations in the lawns which would affect the true running of the balls.

The Croquet season runs from late April 2019 through to September 2019 or sometimes early October 2019, as determined by SCC. There are no meetings during the close season.