Group Co-ordinator Rob Johnson
Venue Nominated venue .
Meeting dates Usually 3rd Thursday in month
Meeting time 7:00 pm approx ,exact time depends on bus schedule – currently nearest bus after 7:00PM at Wheatsheaf Court stop
Additional charges Bus fare (None if you have a bus pass…) and cost of beverages.

This group is for those with an interest in beer and cider… drinking it, tasting it, exploring new varieties and visiting agreeable pubs in congenial company.

The group meets once a month to visit a couple of pubs in order to evaluate the brews on offer.

There are many suitable venues between Southwell and Nottingham along the Pathfinder 26 bus route, and our members can drive themselves or take advantage of this service. All pubs selected are within a very short walking distance from stops on the bus

By sticking to venues in BJ we will not be as reliant on public transport as we have been in the past. Many of our members will be able to join us on foot , or indeed, bicycle for the more intrepid hearties….

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