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BJU3A 10th Anniversary  60’s Disco

Saturday 17th March 2018 as Advertised in Newsline

 There are still a limited number of Tickets for the 10th Anniversary 60’s Disco  available from Judith. Phone 0115 931 2805

price £6 per Ticket,  

Group Co-ordinator

Patrick McDonough  0115 931 4139


Carnarvon Room

Meeting Dates

 & Times:

Usually 4th Thursday in the month, but can vary


Additional Charges:

£1 to £2 per meeting for the hall hire in addition to the cost of the wines.

Description: Each monthly Wine Tasting is arranged around a theme, such as a wine growing region or country, particular grape varieties or wine types.  Sometimes we also base the tastings on pairing wines with foods.

Before each meeting the leader prepares and circulates information about the theme. Sometimes the leader buys all the wines and other times the members buy the wines, either a bottle each or one between a couple for more expense wines, based on a suggested wine buying and price guide provided to each member by the leader. The members then research the availability and prices of their nominated wine and buy a bottle to bring to the meeting.

At the meeting, the selection of wines are tasted and compared, usually in groups of 3, as each member has 3 tasting glasses, and everyone comments on the wines and gives a comparative score. This is repeated until all wines have been tasted (usually between 8 and 12).

As the group has grown so large (currently 43 members) and the hall has limited capacity, there will normally be two identical tastings each month and members choose which of the two they prefer to attend. Places are allocated on a first come basis with a limit of around 20 at each tasting (because we get 20 tasting measures from a bottle).

Members take it in turns to provide crackers and cheese. Often, we will have a presentation or dvd about a topic of interest to wine lovers, or even a quiz. We have some meetings in members' gardens in the summer months.

After the meeting, the leader prepares a summary of the wines tasted, the prices paid and the importer and retailer of each bottle with an analysis of scores related to prices.

The Group is accepting new applications to join.


Our members each have their own set of three wine tasting glasses. This allows them to compare up to three wines side by side, much better than trying to compare them one after another as you would if you only had a single glass.

If you do not have any tasting glasses,

you can buy a set of three from our Group’s leader at a very moderate price when you first attend our meetings.

Wine Tasting


Burton Joyce & District U3A Wine Tasting Group encourages all its members to drink sensibly and avoid

exceeding the daily guidelines:

Women 2-3 units per day,

Men 3-4 units per day.

A unit is approximately equivalent to

a third of a pint of beer, or half of  a small (175cl) glass of wine, or a single measure (25cl) of spirits.

For more information on drinking sensibly, visit the Drinkaware web site



Burton Joyce & District U3A Wine Tasting Group asks all its members not to drive to our meetings and instead use public transport, taxis or arrange a lift from a family member or neighbour.

Some of our couples take it in turns to attend our meetings. Others arrange matters so that one comes to the first monthly meeting whilst their partner provides the lift, and they reverse roles for the second meeting of the month.

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