Site designed & created by Burton Joyce U3A.

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U.K. Registered Charity No. 1157213

Site designed & created by Burton Joyce U3A.

© 2013 -2017 Burton Joyce & District U3A  All rights reserved.

U.K. Registered Charity No. 1157213

The U3A Story

U3A originated in Toulouse, France in 1973, where it was associated with a local university to educate older people.

In 1982 the first U3A in the UK was founded in Cambridge by historian Peter Laslett where it evolved to be more of a self-help organisation, with the main underlying principle of co-operative learning. Since then it has gradually expanded to cover the whole of the UK, with nearly 1,000 U3A's organised into regions. They are all independently managed and self governed.  More information on the U3A Movement is available from here on the Third Age Trust web site.

Neighbouring U3As

There are several other U3As adjacent to Burton Joyce & District U3A.  The ones closest to us are listed below, with links to their web sites if applicable. Members can join more than one U3A through the associate membership scheme.



Carlton & Gedling



For a list of all U3As see

Association of East Midlands U3As

In England, the local U3As are organised into Regions, one of which is the East Midlands region. Read more.…

Due to its geographical spread, the East Midlands region is sub-divided into five separate County Networks: Derbyshire; Leicestershire & Rutland; Lincolnshire; Northamptonshire; and, Nottinghamshire.

Nottinghamshire Network of U3As, (the “Notts Network”)

'The Notts Network', which was established in 2009, is a federation of over twenty U3A's which enables cooperation between its ember U3As across Nottinghamshire, and also to help the launch of new U3As in the County.

Burton Joyce and District U3A is a member of the Notts Network. The Notts Network allows its member U3As to support each other in the promotion of informal learning and the cultural and social development of all Nottinghamshire U3A members.   Read More.…

The Third Age Trust

The Third Age Trust is the national representative body in the UK for the local U3As, such as our own, Burton Joyce & District U3A. It is both a limited company and a registered charity. It underpins the work of local U3As by providing educational and administrative support to their management committees and to individual members, and assists in the development of new U3As across the UK. All U3A's, although they act autonomously, are affiliated to and adhere to the aims and guiding principles of this overarching organisation.

The Relationship between individual U3As and the Third Age Trust

U3As are independently managed charitable associations with their own constitutions. Membership of The Third Age Trust is a requirement in order to use the U3A name and logo, both of which are protected, but once registered, local U3As are self-governing providing they adhere to the  aims and guiding principles of the organisation.

You can Read more about the Third Age Trust at the Trust’s own web site.

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An Introduction to U3A

If you have never been to one of our new members'  coffee mornings you won’t have seen  the very comprehensive introduction produced by the National Office.  Although it is several years old now and features the last Chairman, it really is a comprehensive run through of all that our marvellous organisation can offer.  Click on the link here to view.