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BJU3A 10th Anniversary  60’s Disco

Saturday 17th March 2018 as Advertised in Newsline

 There are still a limited number of Tickets for the 10th Anniversary 60’s Disco  available from Judith. Phone 0115 931 2805

price £6 per Ticket,  

Tips on Printing Newsline at Home

There are two ways to save on the cost of printing Newsline at home. They are:

How you do this depends on whether you have a Windows computer and what internet browser you use, or whether you have an Apple Mac. Shown below are some videos from YouTube on how to do both tasks.

How to print in Black & White/Greyscale

If you have a Windows computer, and use Internet Explorer with Adobe Reader, then it is simply a matter of ticking a box to print in black & white (greyscale)  in the Adobe Reader print dialog box..

If you have an Apple Mac or Macbook, then you will have to change the printer settings. These are not immediately accessible, and you need to drill down in the Apple print dialog box.

How to print individual pages

With Windows, Internet Explorer and Adobe Reader, you simply enter the individual page numbers separated by commas in the Pages box, e.g. 1, 5, 6, 9

The Mac only lets you print consecutive pages, using the From and To boxes in the print dialog. So you will have to print one page at a time, e.g. From 1 To 1.

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