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French 1

Group Co-ordinator

Sue Clifford   0115 931 3937


The Magna Charta, Lowdham

Meeting Dates

 & Times:

Every Friday,                  Tous les Vendredis

10:00am                         À dix heures du matin

Additional Charges:

£6.50 for 5 sessions, plus the cost of your choice of refreshments at each meeting.

Description: As with all Groups in Burton Joyce U3A, ours is a friendly group, and some of our members have been friends for many years whilst others are relative newcomers.

Some of us are regular visitors to France and have been able to hold on to our French better than others who may have only used the language infrequently since learning it at school. We are very fortunate in having a native French speaker, Françoise, as our tutor, so there is no guesswork over our pronunciation!

Our emphasis is on speaking French and listening to it, something that many of us didn’t do much at school, and learn or in the case of many of us, re-learn long forgotten French from our schooldays. So we spend time talking in French, such as recounting what we did last weekend or when we were on holiday, or discussing our plans for the coming weekend.

To help us, we use a textbook, we each have our own copy, and  for some of us it can be very frustrating as we go through vocabulary that we once knew very well but have since forgotten. We also use CDs of French songs and sometimes other spoken sources of French.

Whilst most of us have studied French previously, we do have some newcomers to the language and we try to help them as much as we can.

If you want to recapture your French or pick up the language for the first time then we’d be delighted if you joined us.

Nous espérons que nous vous verrons à la prochaine leçon.

À bientôt.


We have two French groups. French 1 is intended for those who have some knowledge of the language, whilst French for Beginners (French 2) is a newly created  Group for people who want to learn the language.


Our current  text book is “Voici! - An intermediate Course in French for Adults” by Jacqueline Gonthier and Crispin Geoghegan, published by Hodder Education.

Hodder Education also publish a companion volume “Voila! A Course in French for Adult Beginners” which is useful to revise the basics if you are returning to the language after a long break, or are a newcomer to French.

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