Site designed & created by Burton Joyce U3A.

© 2013 -2017 Burton Joyce & District U3A  All rights reserved.

U.K. Registered Charity No. 1157213

Site designed & created by Burton Joyce U3A.

© 2013 -2017 Burton Joyce & District U3A  All rights reserved.

U.K. Registered Charity No. 1157213

Burton Joyce & District U3A - FAQs

Here is some useful information about our U3A.

Where are you?

Burton Joyce is a village in the English East Midlands, 6 miles north east of Nottingham on the A612 Nottingham to Newark road.

When were you founded?

Our U3A was founded in 2008.

How big are you?

We currently have almost 400 members and over 50 interest Groups. See our Groups page for more information.

How are you organised?

We are an unincorporated organisation, and a registered charity (Charity No. 1157213). We have


a Constitution and are managed by an elected Committee. Please see our Governance page to download a copy of our Constitution, see the composition of our management Committee and the other tasks involved in the administration of our U3A.

How are you financed? Do you receive any subsidies? Are you a commercial organisation?

We receive no subsidies of any kind from any source. All our activities are financed through our members’ annual subscriptions and any additional charges levied by individual Interest Groups to cover their own incidental expenses. We receive no support, financial or otherwise, from any commercial or business organisation. As a registered charity we do not exist to make a profit, and are unable to distribute any surplus to our members.

Do you have any connections with Political Parties, Religious or Ethnic Groups?

No. Our U3A has no political, religious, sectarian or ethnic connections at all. We welcome prospective members from all backgrounds irrespective of their beliefs, opinions or ethnicity. In return, we expect members to respect other members’ beliefs, opinions, political and cultural convictions.

Are you part of, or affiliated to, any School, University, or Further Education establishment?

No.  Despite our name, we are not part of the formal education system. However, our members and Groups can co-operate with such establishments as part of our own activities if they so wish.

Are you insured?

All our activities are fully insured.

Where and how often do you meet?

We hold a monthly general meeting in Burton Joyce Village Hall which is open to all our members, see our Monthly Meetings page for more information.  These meetings are also open to members of the general public who want to find out more about us in person before deciding to join. We reserve the right to refuse admission should we deem it necessary.

We also hold individual Interest Group meetings (see overleaf). Group meetings are not generally open to the public.

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