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BJU3A 10th Anniversary  60’s Disco

Saturday 17th March 2018 as Advertised in Newsline

 There are still a limited number of Tickets for the 10th Anniversary 60’s Disco  available from Judith. Phone 0115 931 2805

price £6 per Ticket,  


Group Co-ordinator

Sharon Bennett  0115 931 4290


The “Cross Keys”, Burton Joyce

Meeting Dates

 & Times:

2nd and 4th Tuesdays in the month


Additional Charges:

None, players buy their own refreshments at the bar.

Description: If you enjoy playing darts, or want to learn how to play, in the company of friends, then do join our Group.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played before as we will show you how. We have sets of darts for you to use if you don’t have your own.  Needless to say, if you do have your own darts, then bring them with you.

The evenings are all about having fun, and it doesn’t matter how good or bad a darts player you are, we’ll still be very pleased to see you. We sit, chat and generally enjoy ourselves whilst waiting our turn at the ‘oche’.

We start at 7:30pm , but how long you stay is entirely up to you.

We meet twice a month in the “Cross Keys” pub in Burton Joyce, (just across the road from the Co-op), and we’d love to see you become a regular at our meetings.

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If you want to get your own darts, they are available from most sports retailers, and from the internet. They are not expensive, with prices starting a about £4.90 from high street shops.

Darts come in a variety of weights from 12 grams to 50 grams, the lighter the dart, the harder you have to throw it. But if the dart is too heavy it can be tiring. So take care when buying darts as heaviest isn’t best. Very few people play with darts weighting over 30 grams.

If you are new to the game and about to buy your first set of darts, you may

find that as you improve that you

will want to change the type of dart

that you use. So don’t spend too much on your first set if you are a novice.

For more information about how to choose aset of darts see


The oche is a line in the ground that is

7ft 9¼ inches from the front face of the dart board. No part of the players footwear, (or feet if you play barefoot), must cross the oche when throwing

your dart.

According to Wikipedia, the origin of the word ‘oche’ is unknown, see for more information.