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BJU3A 10th Anniversary  60’s Disco

Saturday 17th March 2018 as Advertised in Newsline

 There are still a limited number of Tickets for the 10th Anniversary 60’s Disco  available from Judith. Phone 0115 931 2805

price £6 per Ticket,  

Group  Co-ordinator

Keith Stafford     0115931 2657


Various local venues

Meeting Dates

 & Times:

3rd Thursday in the month


Additional Charges:


Description: We are a group of people who delight in the bird watching experience.

A variety of activities are undertaken, including morning walks around our local patch, days out to reserves and sanctuaries and attendance at lectures. Our walks are usually no more than two miles and we might have the occasional indoor meeting listening to bird song. We do not have an expert in the group but we all learn together.

Highlights so far have been the Osprey's at Rutland Water, the Hobby's at Langford Lowfield and Black Terns in the Idle Valley.

Whether you are an enthusiast or just complete beginner you are welcome to join our Group.


For a beginner, binoculars are likely to be the first major outlay for your new hobby, costing anything from £100 to £1000. Like most things, better quality normally means higher quality optics and a better build which will last longer. It is best to try out various options before you buy. I recommend trying an outlet that will enable you to try alternative ‘bins’ before you make your choice. Attenborough Nature Reserve is a good example. It is best to select a pair with 7 or 8 magnification with wide angle lenses 32 or 42 mm diameter to let in the maximum light. A good pair of binoculars will enable you to appreciate the beauty and fascination of bird watching.

A good field guide for the British Isles is another important requirement. When in doubt a field guide can provide much needed help with identification. It must be pocket size to enable easy access. If you have a smart phone it worth obtaining the RSPB App so that you can quickly refer to the relevant species.  

The purchase of telescopes, camera’s are not essential. The group has access to telescopes that you will be able to use. Bird photography is a specialist area that would need specialist advice.

Bird Watching

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The correct clothing is particularly important in the UK. We go out all through the year so good so warm clothing is essential. It is best to wear thin layers that can easily be removed, a waterproof coat, boots and a hat for all seasons.

Bird Watching at Colwick Park

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